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About Us

LMB Ministries© is a ministry out pf Northern California founded by LaCreisha Monique©.  Who is also the Visionary of Daughters of Sarah, Host of the podcast #LoveChat  and Co- Ceo of LH Ministries Inc.

LaCreisha Monique is a well-known Minister in Northern California.  She grew up in a religious family, where religion and spirituality have always played a central role in her life.


LaCreisha followed this religious path throughout her life, eventually becoming a Minister, evangelizing throughout the country.

LaCreisha Monique enjoys all aspects of ministries and considers her position to be more of a way of life than anything else. 

LaCreisha is also a branding expert, visionary, author, mentor, host, psalmist, Evangelist, a mother of two sons and proud "Nahni". 

She has made her mark internationally in the online and social media platform with the branding techniques she obtained on her journey. 

LaCreisha is now equipping women nationwide on how to be a #Boss in their business’, ministries, lives and homes. Providing skills for Kingdom building.

The vision given to LaCreisha for LMB ministries is to provide a safe place to women in ministry to be coached & mentored to set their goals and to be intentional while staying spiritually centered and productively driven.

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